Hi, Im Stephen Low and this is my web page about the Australian rock group "THE BABY ANIMALS"

The Baby Animals are:

Suze DeMarchi on Guitar and Vocals.

Dave Leslie on Guitar and Backing Vocals.

Eddie Parise on Bass and Backing Vocals.

Frank Celenza on Drums.


The Baby Animals came out with two albums, Their first was called "Baby Animals" 4x Platinum in Australia; Produced by Mike Chapman(Blondie, Sweet, Benatar).

Is the recording company that recorded both of these albums


Their second album was called "Shaved and Dangerous" Produced by Ed Stasium(Living Colour) and Nuno Bettencourt (Extreme); Completed world tours with Van Halen and Bryan Adams.L
















The Baby Animals debut album had ten songs on it which were

1. Rush You*


2. Early Warning*


3. Painless*


4. Make It End


5. Working For The Enemy


6. One Word*


7. Break My Heart*


8.Waste Of Time


9. One Too Many


10. Ain't Gonna Get*


The second album that was done contained 11 songs and these were

1. Backbone


2. Stoopid*


3. Don't Tell Me What To Do*


4. Lights Out At Eleven (29.2.92)*


5. At The End Of The Day


6. Lovin' Lies


7. Bupata


8. Nervous At Night


9. Because I Can


10. Life From A Distance


11. Be My Friend


These are from an Australian Tour release CD


Indian Mystery


She Does What She Wants



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