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Lead singer, Suze De Marchi started singing where she lived (Perth) in pub bands at the age of 17. As Suze admits "after the first couple of gigs, I knew that there was nothing else I would rather do if I never did anything else the rest of my but record and play live, I’d be happy." For the couple of years, Suze was in England recording and writing as a solo artist. But she didn't like doing that so with a little encouragement from angels then manager John Woodruff, she returned to Australia in mid 1989. A few phone calls and bus trips later, the band quickly came together Eddie Parise on bass, Frank Celenza on drums, and Dave Leslie on lead Guitar. The band was set, and the Baby Animals sound was born.

November 1989 saw the band’s first gig at the infamous Kardomah Café in Sydney, and the start of touring
through the city’s pubs, clubs etc.

The Angels liked the Baby Animals so much, that they put one of the band’s demos "Break My
Heart" on the B-side of their single "Dogs Are Talking", along with tracks from two other rock ‘n’ roll bands. A national tour followed shortly after.

In August 1990, the band signed a publishing deal with SBK (now EMI.) While attending one of their gigs, Terry Ellis, president of the Imago Recording Company heard something special and signed them to his label. He described them "the band was great, the songs were terrific and Suze had an indefineable magic that separates one artist from the crowd and makes them a star" He said.

Now came the hard work, time to record the album. The band flew to New York, and together with Mike
Chapmanand and Kevin Shirley produced a classic album (Baby Animals). From all reports and unrepeatable experiences, the band and Mike stuck an immediate ‘sympatico’. As Suze said "It was great. Basically, Mike left us alone to make the kind of music we know how to make; and whenever he did have a suggestion, it was always something that made the sound better. So what you hear is pure recording, the band as it really is."

Their debut single "Early Warning" was released April 1991. After the release of the single, the band flew to the US for a series of showcases for the Imago/BMG people, to coincide with the earlier release of the album there. With the Top 20 chart success of "Early Warning" ina Australia the second single "Rush You" was released in August.

Then came Deliver day - September 1991 - the release of the album in Australia. This was one hot rock and roll album. Here was quality song writing, gutsy vocals and hot guitar work. The album debuted at number six on the National Charts and peaked at number three.

After reportedly listening to the band’s album in his kitchen, Bryan Adams asked the band to join him on his
European tour.
Whilst overseas, the band picked up the "Best New Act" at the inaugural 1991 Australian Music Awards.
Christmas 1991 saw the band back in Australia for more touring, and the release of two more singles from the album
"Painless" and "One Word".
The incredibly successful ‘Let Go Of My Ears’ tour saw the band playing to sellout crowds all over the country.


The above was written in 1991 / 1992 (Originally written by Diana Torrossian)